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Key Benefits

What are the key benefits to adopting safsource

The safsource application was designed and built in 2004 by professional Software Engineers who understand how the development process work in the real world. It was built from scratch for use within our own organisation and has been continuously developed and improved. It is at the heart of our systems development, ensuring change control of project documentation in accordance with our ISO 9001 TickIT accreditation.

safsource tracks and controls changes to thousands of system files, giving total change control over design & specification documentation, development and build data and ongoing maintenance records. Here are some of the main benefits which our customers are already enjoying:

Benefits of safsource

Total version control:

Reduces the risk of out of date software or programs being installed. Mitigates the risk of developing products from the incorrect version of the design documentation.

Data security:

Files are secured by restricted access to registered users only, remote storage and back-ups significantly reduce the risk of data loss. In addition to the high service levels offered, safsource can also be used as part of your organisation's Disaster Recovery policy.

Saves time & money:

Low cost of integration. There's no longer any need for Site Engineers to return to the office for a backup or to request source code to be emailed out to operatives. Users just check-out the file via the internet, any time of day or night, saving time and money. Once they have finished, they check the file back in and document their changes ready for immediate use by other in your team.

Frees up staff:

User can work anywhere in the world. Files can be downloaded, changed, uploaded, tracked and monitored 24/7/365, whenever and wherever it's needed. This leaves you remote staff free to do what you need them to do - be highly productive staff.

Audit trails:

Reports keep track of what's happening to your data, helping you to improve productivity and service. In addition, various system statistics are maintained allowing you to see reports about file access, user activity, historic information and many others. You could also integrate safsource into a Quality Management System very easily.

Builds customer confidence:

Because you're in control, you can avoid major failures, improve your maintenance structures and get faster response times than your competitors. That means your customers trust you to deliver, remaining loyal and helping raise your profile.

New features in safsoucre 2.0

We've already implemented many improvements suggested by our users, but in the latest version we have gone even further!

See the features page for further details.

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Did you know that you can add or modify the functionality of safsource? The great safsource engine can be tuned to your own organisation's requirements.
New in v2.0

We have made some big changes in v2.0. From an overhaul of user privileges to the built-in knowledgebase, the improvements represent a significant step forward.
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