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Document change management made simple by safsource

There is an extensive range of features available within the safsource application. In version 2.0, we have introduced even more powerful new features.


The most advanced user access/privilege scheme yet

Create an unlimited number of privilege groups with an unlimited number of members. Each group is independently configurable with privileges through the Admin page. Users can be given membership of one or more Groups. Each folder is then configured to be available to one or more Groups. Configurable group privileges include:

Check Out
Delete File
File History
Take Copy
Rollback File
Edit Folder
Folder Groups
Add New Folder
Folder Comment

Users & Groups
Edit Templates
Admin Page

All of this gives you the most flexible, most powerful security system yet seen on safsource.

New features in safsoucre 2.0


Priority Folder

Now when you create a new Folder you can mark it as a "priority". These special folders are forced to always appear at the top of the folder tree, making them easier to find on systems with a large number of folders. This extremely useful feature is commonly used for folders such as Standards, Specifications or Document Templates.

New features in safsoucre 2.0


File and Folder alerts

The new Alerts feature is similar to the existing Watch feature, except that with Alerts you can nominate another user to receive notification emails of changes to a File or Folder. This feature is aimed at providing team leaders with greater control over delegation of tasks to team members. Setting an Alert is a quick and simple way of keeping secondary teams aware of changes to documentation as they happen. For example, where a sub-contractor needs to be informed of changes to specifications. Recipients are informed about the changes without the need for them to log onto safsource to check for more recent versions of documents.


URL Links

Users can add a link which can be local (such as a document stored on your hard-disk or local network server) or can be a link to an internet page or document. URL links are listed within their containing folder for users to access. Having links within safsource means that you can conveniently reference external documents (such as manufacturers' operating manuals, web guides, troubleshooting etc) without having to store copies of them within your safsource account.



Now your users can leave forum-style comments for other users of the system. These comments are organised into Topics, Threads and Articles making them easier to find. Users are made aware of unread entries by a subtly flashing icon in their toolbar. This is a great way to keep team members updated with developments within your organisation.


File and Folder desktop shortcuts

Another great new feature introduced in safsource 2.0 is the ability to create a shortcut to a specific file or folder. The shortcut can be sent to colleagues so that they can go straight to a document within safsource. Incorporate a shortcut into any other third-parties business systems which you may have to ensure that the document will always be the most current version held on safsource.

Creating a shortcut couldn't be easier. Whilst viewing a file or folder page, drag the icon onto your Windows desktop creating the shortcut to that file/folder. Open the shortcut at a later date to jump directly to that file/folder on safsource. Of course, the user will need to logon if not already logged on.

New features in safsoucre 2.0


My Files summary

By popular demand, this commonly used report is now available straight from the main toolbar giving instant, easy access to the list of files you currently have checked out.

To complement this, there is also an associated executive report which summarises all files which have been checked out for longer than a specified period of time and will optionally issue individual emails prompting users to replace checked out files if changes are complete.


Recent Links

Many project-based organisations allocate teams to work on a sub-set of current projects for a period of time. During the development of the project, the team members may repeatedly access the same few safsource folders. This productivity feature helps by displaying a list of the 5 most recently visited folders underneath the Folder Browser.


Folder Flags

Folders can now be marked with upto 4 coloured flags. For example, you may decide that a Blue flag means that that folder is under review, a Red flag means that that folder is a completed project. What the flags mean is entirely up to you.

Your users can then switch the flags on or off within each folder and the state of each flag is shown alongside each folder within the Folder Browser. You can change the name of each Flag and even enable/disable them on the Administrator page.

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