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Customise safsource

You can add functionality to safsource to suit your organisation

Since safsource has been specifically developed from scratch, we have all of the knowledge and expertise necessary to tailor it to your organisation's needs. We are often asked to customise safsource and are only too pleased to help - why make do with a fixed off-the-shelf product when we can give you exactly what you need.

Customise safsource to suit your organisation


One of the most commonly requested customisations is to re-brand safsource to be compatible with corporate colours and style. Usually, we modify the standard colour scheme to fit in with your organisation's branding during the initial setup. However, this can be changed at any stage should your branding change or if you simply want to update the colour scheme.

Automated Request and Submit:

Some organisations operate a system where users submits request a for file, which are reviewed by an administrator and either granted or declined. For example, where an end user issues the latest version of control system software to a software sub-contractor only when a valid Permit to Work, Method Statement or Risk Assessment has been submitted.

A system like this can be implemented on safsource. Users complete form in safsource requesting a file, giving any other information needed. You then review the request and, as appropriate, grant or decline permission. If successful, the user receives an email response asking them to log back into safsource to retrieve the file. Once the file has been revised and checked it back into safsource, you receive an email informing you that the work is complete.


There are various configurable reports already available within safsource, however, you may find that you need additional reports to better manage access to your files. Also, you may want to gather additional information from users when they carry out tasks within safsource so that you can create reports on other criteria. For example, you may want to know the reason for a change to a particular file so that you can statistically track reasons for change for maintenance purposes.

We're sure that we can provide the reporting you need, so please talk to us about your requirements.

Folder Flags:

Folder Flags can already be individually enabled/disabled and renamed within the Administrator page of safsource. By default, there are 4 flags available and they are used to indicate a particular property of a safsource folder. The meaning of a flag is whatever you want it to be.

However, you may want to take some particular action when a flag is set by a user. For example, send an email to the last editor advising that their document is approved. You may want safsource to track the flag changes and produce a report on who changed the flag and when. Again, whatever you're requirements are, please let us know.

Recent Links:

We provide users with links to the last 5 most recently visited folders as a standard. If necessary, we can amend this to include any number of visited folders and either provide it direct to the user or build it into a report for use later.

New features in safsoucre 2.0

We've already implemented many improvements suggested by our users, but in the latest version we have gone even further!

See the features page for further details.

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Want to try safsource? Want to try safsource? We can create a demo account for you to try. Please contact info@safsource.co.uk for more details.
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New in v2.0

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