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Create. Store. Change. Secure.

Online electronic document change management system

What is safsource? A refreshingly easy web based document change management system which gives you secure storage for your electronic documents!

Because safsource is fully web based, you can make your documents available to your team 24/7/365. Use safsource from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection and standard web browser - no plug-ins, no ActiveX, no software installation.

As your team creates and modifies documents, safsource tracks the changes, allowing you to easily maintain version history. In addition, users' activity is logged and presented in reports enabling you to review project development and the productivity of your team.

Whether you're working with MS Office™, Lotus Notes™, OpenOffice, photographs, CAD drawings, scripts, music or Zip files, you can use safsource. In fact, you can use safsource with all of your electronic documents - if it's on your computer you can safsource it!

Document change control is no longer limited to your own team. Use safsource to share documents with customers or your whole supply chain.

safsoucre 2.0
New features in safsoucre 2.0

We've already implemented many improvements suggested by our users, but in the latest version we have gone even further!

See the features page for further details.

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Want to try safsource? Want to try safsource? We can create a demo account for you to try. Please contact info@safsource.co.uk for more details.
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Our users experience significant benefits from using safsource. Improved productivity and efficiency...
New in v2.0

We have made some big changes in v2.0. From an overhaul of user privileges to the built-in knowledgebase, the improvements represent a significant step forward.