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Tour of the Application

Learn about application layout, tools and controls

The layout of the main page is very intuitive. Anyone who is familiar with toolbars, windows and folders will find the application very easy to use.

For full details of the controls available see the features page.

Global Controls bar

This toolbar contains the controls which are always available. They will always be there no matter which page you navigate to. Some controls may be restricted to users with appropriate security privileges. For example, access to the user configuration pages. Global controls tend to function through a secondary pop-up window rather than moving away from the current location.

Layout of safsoucre 2.0

Folder Browser panel

The area on the left of the main page is the interactive Folder Browser panel. This panel will initially display all of the top-level folders. By clicking one of the folder icons you cause that folder to expand and display all of the sub-folders within it. These sub-folder can also be expanded to reveal their constituent folders.

Once displayed, you can navigate into a folder by clicking its name.

Main Window Toolbar

A second, page specific toolbar is displayed above the Main Window. This toolbar displays controls which are relevant to the current page. For example, if you are exploring a file's details, you will see controls which check the file in/out, examine revision history, lock the file etc.

Main Window Detail area

The detail area is where specific data about the current location is displayed. For example, this area is used to list the contents of the current folder, the properties of a selected file or to carry out functions within the system. This area also displays status information about the system, such as folder comments, flags and newsflashes.

Recent Links

The system uses historical data about each user's activity to store their most recently visited folders. These are presented beneath the Folder Browser panel so that the user can easily continue work from a previous safsource session.

New features in safsoucre 2.0

We've already implemented many improvements suggested by our users, but in the latest version we have gone even further!

See the features page for further details.

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New in v2.0

We have made some big changes in v2.0. From an overhaul of user privileges to the built-in knowledgebase, the improvements represent a significant step forward.